Why should I buy one of your bags? (Part 1.)

I had a very interesting conversation today with a very nice gentleman from an online watch company. We didn’t meet randomly, I was there for a job interview (yes, even though I said I wasn’t going to apply for another job ever again). During this pleasant talk he came across a subject where I mention I make bags and other small leather goods. I was very happy to talk to him about it, till he asked me a question that I had no answer to. He said: ‘Why should I buy one of your bags? What sets you apart from the rest?’
Honestly, up to this day I have no idea what my brand is really about. I just wanted to share my passion for leather bags with the world, nothing more. I now realize that this question is one that I should be able to answer without any hesitation. Because, if I don’t even know what I stand for or what makes my bags special, how can I possibly convince anyone else of buying my bags?
So for now there’s nothing left than to think long and hard about what this brand is all about. More about my identity search will follow in this blog.

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