The designer
My STUDMUPHIN® adventure once started out as personal project to get my online writing and marketing skills going. Now this project is becoming a serious business.

I started making bags in the early beginning of 2014. Later that year I officially registered my company. Hooray, STUDMUPHIN® was born. The company name was the only thing certain, everything else was a big blur. In 2015 I started a 1-year program in learning the craft of bag making. I graduated on the 2nd of july 2016. A date i'll never forget.

With a clearer view on which direction I wanted to go with the brand, I had to make it concrete. So I gave myself another 6 months to set up a plan. And I did! On Januari 2017 I finalized my first collection. But the best is yet to come.

I have a rebellious spirit, i don't make bags for the pleasure of everybody, but for a niche market that can appreciate my sense of style and mindset.

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