It once started as a way to kill time, but is now becoming a serious business. Studmuphin® was founded in 2014 by Chanelva Cooman during a long period of unemployment. After a few years of developing the brand, Studmuphin® is now ready to claim it’s spot in the fashion industry.
Studmuphin® is all about ‘that’ attitude. The attitude that screams: ‘F*ck it, i’m doing me!’ We are free from rules, free from trends or any other thing that keeps us from excelling. Regardless of what’s ‘in or out’, we will continue to pursuit our own happiness.
With a clear view on the current fashion industry, Studmuphin® takes on a different approach regarding the fashion market. we build our collection based on available resources. Meaning that we look for our leathers first and design after.
Another thing that sets us apart is that we create a collection of bags with no more than 300 pieces. Therefore we reduce waist and uphold our exclusivity.