Behind the scenes – 1st photoshoot

This November we had our first official photoshoot for Studmuphin, right here in our own studio.It was exhausting, lots of work but it was mostly a lot of fun. Not only were we lucky to be working with a great model, it was also an awesome learning experience that we can grow from.
A little example of what we’ve learned: Photoshopping feet is hard! Now we understand why hardly anybody uses bare feet in professional shoots. It is just so time consuming to make feet look great in a photo. So for the next time, we’ll just stick to pretty shoes or socks.
Another learning point was that photoshoots take a lot of time! We expected that it would take us a maximum of 2 hours to do the entire shoot, from start to finish. We were horribly wrong. I took us at least 4 hours to photograph the model with all bags. And lets not forget that this pictures needed editing which also consumed another couple of hours.
All and all we can say that this was a huge learning moment. The results are stunning and we can’t wait to do it again!

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